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creek_contest's Journal

Dawson's Creek Icon Contest
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1)Every Sunday evening/Monday morning a challenge will be issued. Challenges will vary from week to week, and may consist of different themes.
2)Everyone will post their submissions as a comment to the post which issues the challenge by Saturday at 11:00 AM EST/10:00 AM CT. All comments will be screened, so that the icon makers remain anonymous. The comment should include the icon and a URL to the icon.
3)Each user may submit up to 2 icons unless otherwise stated in the entry which issues the challenge of that specific week.
4)Your icons must fit LiveJournal specifications of 100x100 pixels and 40 KB as maximum limits. You must have a LiveJournal account and be a member of this community to enter the contest.
5)Voting posts will be up no later than 1:00 PM EST/12:00 PM CT on Saturday, and will go through Sunday at 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CT. The next challenge will be issued shortly after that.
6)If the first-place winner is so inclined they will be allowed to determine the medium of the next week's challenge (as described in #1). This of course will have to be approved by myself. The same person cannot choose the challenge two weeks in a row. In the event that a user wins back-to-back contests, the choice will be passed to the second place winner or community maintainer. The highest rank icon of each contest will also become the community's default icon for the rest of the week.
7)Your entries should not be posted anywhere, including your own journal until after voting is over. Entries need to remain completely anonymous.
8)Be sure to carefully read the instructions on each challenge that is posted as the specifications for icons will change weekly.

Photos & Screencaps Sources: (courtesy of dtissagirl's resource list.)
-High Anxiety
-Joshua Jackson Network
-Katie Holmes Pictures
-Dawson's Creek Official Website Image Gallery
-Season 3 Pacey/Joey Screencaps by _jems_